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  1. I am completely new to this type of backup, and was unaware it is a high risk method. I am using Creator NXT3, which I just purchased for this purpose. At the moment, I am archiving photo libraries, some of which are in excess of 250GB, containing multiple internal folders. The first ~TB of photos I backed up were with folders I could easily combine onto 25GB discs, but the larger folders were proving quite time consuming trying to break them into suitable chunks for individual disc groupings.
  2. I am attempting to copy large folders using disc spanning onto BD media. Sometimes the program allows the correct drive to be shown, sometimes it defaults to another drive, and will not allow me to correct it without canceling the copy operation. I have DVD drives in D: and E: and a BD drive if F:. The disc spanning operation begins in F:, and burns a disc, somtimes it comes back after a disc and will only allow access to D: (which is unusable for this operation) as the default drive for the next disc. I was able to correctly burn a 6 disc set last night, but have had two of these errors so far while trying to burn a 10 disc set. I have had to delete files from the folder, and have it restart as disc '1' with the next set of data.
  3. NXT3 does not consistently default to correct drive while performing disc spanning