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    No Audio And/or Terrible Audio Passthrough

    I just purchased an HDMI 1x2 switch, which unfortunately did not solve the issue as it downscaled the audio to the lowest of the 2 devices plugged into it... However, using the splitter does bypass the HDCP on the PS4 and PS3 which is kind of a bonus. It is the Orei HD102 if anyone needs one
  2. Qwazyd0gg

    No Audio And/or Terrible Audio Passthrough

    Thank you for the advise. After investigating my amplifier, it does not support passthrough. I can either choose to run my theater speakers or passthrough, but not both. It seems that MANY users of any brand of capture card are using splitters to bypass this exact situation. So worried about the quality of the ones on Ebay; however, I found one on amazon.ca that a lot of users have great success with (http://www.amazon.ca/Orei-HD-102-Powered-Splitter-Certified/dp/B005HXFARS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1428020039&sr=8-1&keywords=hdmi+1x2). Anyone else have any suggestions of HDMI 1x2 splitters? Thank you so much for your quick response as well, it was much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I am having an EXTREMELY hard time with my new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. Let me 1st tell you a little bit about my setup. I have a 65" LG 3D TV (Not relevant) and a 7.2 surround sound setup run from an ONKYO NR-470. My issue is I tried running my PS4 to my amplifier, and tried to tie in the Roxio from the HDMI out to the tv. I get perfect video; however, 0 audio. I then tried placing the Roxio between the AMP and PS4, meaning now the cable runs from my PS4, to the Roxio, then from the Roxio to the amp. I am able to get the sound to my PC this way; however, the Roxio is downgrading all sound via the HDMI out as 2.0 channel sound, which is not acceptable from a 5.1/7.2 audio source. My questions are a mix bag but I will try to explain them. Can the Roxio HD Pro output more than 2.0 channel audio via the HDMI out port? Why can the Roxio only collect audio from the PS4 directly and not through an amp? (Tried amp output in PCM and Bit Stream to insure it was not an audio trans-coding issue) My TV accepts audio via the HDMI out port on the amp so I know it is no fault of the audio equipment. I was very exciting to receive this product in the mail and now I am extremely disappointed. What is worse is the authorized reseller I purchased this from went out of business last Saturday morning so I cannot return it for the same product or one from the competitor (Futureshop). I have already invested so much money in an extra monitors, a condenser microphone, and a good set of headphones so my daughter and I can start a youtube channel together. I hope you can help.