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  1. Not a problem. The reason that I was asking is that Amazon still sells old copies, so I was hoping to pick up one.
  2. I had an old copy of Creator that I was extremely happy with, mainly because it allowed me to use unlimited fade in/out on music tracks. I know that later versions had a limit of 20 seconds on fade, so my question is "What was the last version that had the unlimited fade capability?" I'm looking to buy a new copy and, as a DJ, I NEED that capability. Any assistance would be most helpful.
  3. I took a look at GoldWave, and it's not what I had in mind. Roxio allowed you to burn multiple songs to a disc. I'm going to use 5 as my example (all using similar BPM). I would fade in track one for 30-45 seconds, allowing my to do an intro to the song live in the radio booth over my pre-recorded set (the CD). At home, I would have put the 5 tracks in the best beat match order (by ear). Say track one had a long exit (as most dance tracks do), and track 2 had a shorter entrance. I would fade track 1 out for 45 seconds while simultaneously fading in track 2 by 30 seconds thereby effectively combining the two tracks and making them sound as seamless as possible. I would continue to do similar things with each of the next 3 tracks, with each having different fade in and out values, depending on what sounded the best for each, with Track 5 usually having a final fade out of 30-45 seconds, depending on how the ending sounded. Around 2006-7, I purchased the newest version of Creator and hated the fact that they had changed that fade portion to only 20 seconds, as it severly constricted what I wanted the program to do. I do appreciate your answer, though, and hopefully, another old Roxio fogey like myself will be able to point me to the best version.
  4. Yes, I was using only using the audio version. And it was a much older version of Creator, somewhere around 6.0, I believe, while later versions only had that 20 second fade in/out feature.