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    Blu Ray Discs Won't Return To Sub Menu

    Thanks Jim, I agree. People are really happy to get the videos I do. I capture in AVCHD and burn Blu Ray because I can get a whole college season on a few discs. Though the menu travel is a nuisance, everyone is happy to have the memories of the daughters playing at the college level. Thanks for your time and reply. ...Mark
  2. I have Roxio NXT Pro 2 software with the Blu-Ray rendering add on. I have burned many discs and have the same problem with each. If I have a main menu that its only purpose it to go to sub menus to play video. Once a segment(chapter/section) is done it returns to the Main menu not the sub menu to play additional Chapters. Example: The main menu has 3 buttons to process sub menus. Main menu goes to sub menu 1 which is for a volleyball match. This Sub menu 1 contains 3 buttons that play each set of that match. Once a button is selected it plays the set selected just fine. When done though it does not go back to the sub menu to play the other 2 sets, it goes all the way back to the Main Menu making you select the sub menu again to play another set. Can Anyone tell me if they have found this to be the case, or have a solution? It's more a nuisance/pain than a real problem. I just thought that once a video was done it would stay on the menu that it started from and not return to the Main Menu forcing you to "travel" again. Thanks for any information that can be supplied. ...Mark