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  1. I formatted C\disk. I reinstalled Windows 8.1 and installed Roxio CNXT3. No problemo! Working!
  2. I have 11 files in log file\folder . For example ROXIO_SETUP.LOG: Edited to delete setup log.
  3. Problem with install of Roxio Creator NXT 3. That window all time after of all attempts. I have notebook with Intel Core i7-3630, 16Gb, Intel HD Graphics 4000\ NVIDIA GaForce GT 650M, DVDWBD SN-406AB, 2 HD 1Gb\1Gb, Windows 8.1 with all new updates. I have read all forum's threads and I reinstalled DirectX, Microsoft .NET Framework 2\3\4\4.5…. I cleaned from old Roxio folders and files of register and folders in Users, AppData, Program Data, Program Files (x86).… I opened folder on C:\ and install of Roxio Creator NXT 3 from this folder. I cleaned Windows with Windows 8 Manager and C2011_CleanSystem.bat… I cleaned, deleted and install of Roxio Creator NXT 3 again and again, but Wizard was interrupted again and again. I come back and installed my old Roxio Creator NXT 2, but it didn't install! I cann't install any Roxio now! What are ffffk!?