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    New Nxt3 Pro Is Not Reading Bluray Disc

    I can't even do editing. FOr instance when I put a dvd in it gives me a list of the different parts on the dvd. I am supposed to select them from there. When I do the OK does not go from gray to black outline, so I can't select them. SO it isn't even working for the video creation. I wanted to take various concert videos and make up a compilation of various good concert video. Most of them are bluray but not all of them. Come to think of it it doesn't work for a regular dvd either. Thanks for the info on buying a software player.
  2. I thought when I bought this it would read/play bluray discs. I thought it had the bluray plugin needed, that is why I bought the Pro version. I have a bluray disc reader/writer also. Can someone help?