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  1. OMG i recorded up to 1 hour thank you It was roxio heating Thanks for your help
  2. http://postimg.org/image/3nkfizlq5/
  3. I did open it this is the photo After connecting usb #1 heat so fast you can cook on it #2 heat but not like #1. What is #3 mean (KL Pass) and they wrote on it with pen ?
  4. What should i do if it was heat issue ? The comptuer is still new
  5. Nope i cant record for 5 Min after the issue its impossible to record again you have to wait 2 hours to capture And my pc is not heating If i uninstall the software and setup the roxio the tv gets image but you know you cant capture without software is there any way to install roxio drive without the software ?
  6. Thanks I said this to corel support they said replace cable that dosent work (If i did not connect cable to output the software gets the video perfectly but after connecting output it stop recording ) My display is 720p i recorded some gameplay with 720p but it record with 60fps i told them they said it ok
  7. and after that i get red no signal and no profile in option
  8. yes i did repair without error sometime i record 5 min then it stop , one time i recorded 20 min that was miracle im using hdmi i tried component too same problem i have xbox 360 this is the problem youtube video i tried to capture on windows 7 ,8 and 10 same problem DxDiag.txt
  9. thanks no need to that i repair it but roxio still refuse to capture i talked with support for 2 weeks every time they said replace cables its been year and i couldn capture more than 5 min ,why did i bought this
  10. yes i told you it cant be found because it only shows the files with .MSI sp2 is .EXE
  11. Thanks for replying i tried every .MSI file on the dvd none of them works SP2 is EXE the error looking for MSI that didnt work i found appdata/local/temp its hidden file but nothing in that file i uninstall it then install again same nothing changed
  12. Thanks when i click repair after 10 sec this will show up
  13. i want to repair my software but i cant when i run the setup it says you want to check for update when i press yes or no then it says that newer version found on the pc you want to uninstall it when i click on yes it just gonna install older version it dosent show up the repair button