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    Install "Error 1402 could not open key"

    Here is some of the stuff I have found on various user posts (Roxio and Microsoft) when i was looking for a fix to the problem I described at the top of my post. Although these pertain to Roxio 6&7 they are similar problems. Can someone tell me the dangers and possible benifits to these? Am I way off base? Easy CD & DVD Creator 6: To fix this error, the windows registry needs to be repaired using the Microsoft utility Scanreg. Please go to Microsoft web site and follow the instructions and reinstall. NOTE: These instructions are the responsibility of Microsoft. Easy Media Creator 7: To fix this, you must edit your registry. First, export a copy of your registry (for safety): 1. Go to "Start" then "Run", type "regedit" and click "OK". 2. Choose "File" --> Export 3. Choose a location. 4. Click "Save". Now to edit the registry. 1. Double-click the "Hkey_Local_Machine folder" 2. Find the "Software" folder, right-click, and choose "Permissions" 3. Select "Add", type in "Administrator" and click OK 4. Highlight "Administrator" under "Group or Usernames" 5. Under Permissions, please check "Allow" for "Full Control" and "Read" 6. Select "Apply". 7. Select "Add", type in SYSTEM and select OK. 8. Highlight SYSTEM under "Group or Usernames". 9. Under Permissions, check "Allow" for "Full Control" and "Read". 10. Select "Apply" then OK. 11. Please exit the registry by choosing "File" from the top left hand corner of the window and click "Exit". Now start the installation Easy Media Creator 7 again and it should complete successfully. Microsoft Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information. On the Tools menu, click Registry Checker. You may receive the following error message: Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry. Windows will restart the computer and repair the system registry for you. If you receive this error message, continue to step 3. If you do not receive the error message, follow these steps to repair damage to the registry: Quit all the programs that are running. Click Start, click Run, type the following text in the Open box, and then click OK: scanreg /fix
  2. Clay Pigeon

    Install "Error 1402 could not open key"

    I have Norton anti virus but no firewall. That is the only anti-virus protection I run. I use email through my web host SWB so I don't have a firewall. However, I may have one for my hardware. I don''t know a lot about this stuff because a friend of mine works in the IT profession and he set all the anti-virus stuff up for me. He is a minimalist when it comes to software and he only puts on what is absolutely needed. When I described the problem to him he saw no reason for it. He said I have administration rights, so that is not an issue. Another important factor to the situation is that the Roxio gets a long way into the install before it errors. Then it has to reverse the process. Afterwards, the Drag N Drop icon has been installed and I have to go and uninstall it before I do anything else. One thing I have been thinking about is my Nikon software. I am running Nikon Picture Project and it gives me the ability to burn a CD for photos. I am also running Adobe Photoshop 7 Pro. I see a lot of posts that indicate a problem with two different programs attempting rights to the CD creation/burn. Is it possible that this Nikon or Adobe software is interfering because they also have the ability to create/burn CD's? I also put in a new Sony CD drive that writes/copies. So I have 2 drives that will write/copy. The Sony will bur CD or DVD but the old one that came on my Dell will only do CD's. (Any potential problem with this?) I saw a post on Microsoft that sounded similar, but it was concerning Roxio7. The fix entailed editing the registry (making a copy first) I really want to avoid anything that drastic if I can. The editing all pertained to admin rights in the registry regarding software. I can copy what it was and post it if needed. I am at work right now and my problem is at home. If you need additional info about my programs I will have to get home to answer them.
  3. Clay Pigeon

    Install "Error 1402 could not open key"

    I have already tried creating a new user with admin privileges and logging on as that user to install, it didn't work. I have also already removed anything Roxio related as well as all previous versions (un-install) and it still gave me the same error. These were suggested by Rosio Tech Support and I did them before I posted my problems. It is a download, not a CD. I could try a new download, but I am skeptical because I had the same problem with Roxio 8. I originally had Roxio 7, then Roxio 7.5, (both of which ran fine) and I decided to upgrade to Roxio 8 (I bought Roxio 8 at Fry's). But, I couldn't get Roxio 8 installed because of install errors. This is when I decided to skip Roxio 8 and upgraded to Roxio 9 straight from Roxio via download. I thought that my issues were related to Roxio 8 and if I upgraded to 9, I would avoid the install problems. I saw a post on another board where a suggested fix was to go to Microsoft and download a patch for Windows XP Installer 3.1 version2. And then go to Sonic and download a patch and run it before I install Roxio9. I tried this also and it didn't work either. Her problem sounded identical. Here is her post: "I had the same problem this morning -- first the error when I tried to install and then the message that my CD key was incorrect when I tried to reinstall: 1. Go to microsoft.com and do a search for Windows Installer. Look for an entry on Windows Installer 3.1 version 2. 2. Go to that link, download Windows Installer 3.1 version 2, and install it on your computer. 3. Close any Roxio applications running. (Although they did not suggest it, I also disabled all virus and spyware software.) 4. Click on the following link and select Run: http://patches.sonic.com/techsupport/emc9rmv.exe 5. Try re-installing The installation then went without a hitch. Good luck!" Great for her! But this didn't work for me either and at this point I am TOTALLY frustrated. Roxio tech support has been absolutely NO HELP either!! I bet I have spent 15 or 20 hours trying to get this to install. Adding to my frustration, everything I do on a computer takes an inordinate amount of time because of my lack of knowledge. But I don't think a software program should be this difficult to install, much less an upgrade from a previous version.
  4. Having heck of time getting Creator 9 installed! Halfway through install, I get this error message: Error 1402 Could not open key - UNKNOWN\comctl2.Animation.1\ccisd - verify you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel Was using Creator 7.5 and bought Creator 8 at Fry’s. Had same problem with 8 as well as a CD Key issue. Called Roxio about the CD Key and decided to go to Creator 9 and just avoid the entire install problem I was having with 8. Downloaded Creator 9 and tried to install and got the same problem. I have uninstalled ALL Roxio programs. I tried creating a new user account with admin privileges (although I am the only user and I have admin privileges with my user profile). I have tried 4 or 5 times to install after trying different fixes and I get the same result. It will load halfway and then I get this error message and it reverses the install. Each time I try, I un-install any Roxio stuff and reboot before I try again. After scouring “Ask Roxio” the best advice I could get was to go to Microsoft and look for answers. Microsoft was no help. I am convinced the problem is related to earlier versions of Roxio. Called Roxio tech support and after completing suggested fixes (it's not admin priveliges with my user profile) with no cure, they told me to take my CPU to Best Buy or Office Depot and use their software installation services. This kind of gets my blood boiling because I have used Roxio for some time and bought several versions (without problems), and it kind of feels like they could care less whether I get it installed or not. I was ready to get a refund when I came across this board. Why would someone make a product this complex to install? I am not very literate with computer issues (hard or soft) and I sure see a LOT of problems related to installing this software. I have Adobe Photoshop 7 and also Nikon software on my machine, and I see where others suggest removing certain software in order to install Creator 9 because of the CD writing ability may conflict. I can’t see doing this because of my photo needs as well as for other obvious reasons. I am running XP Pro. I don’t know where to get all that techno detail stuff to describe the rest of my machine. But, I know I have a Dell Pentium 4, two hard drives (I put in an extra for back-up) and I added extra memory, so I have 1.5Gb I think. Can anyone help me before I give up or shoot my computer?