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  1. Dave: Thanks for the follow up. I just got back from town and guess what I bought????? Yep, you guessed it.......Memorex. Well, that's what WM had. So, I may have to burn several disks to get a couple of good ones.. Also, you mention to burn an .iso file, and burn that to dvd. How do you do that? Do I use Adobe Media Encoder to burn the ISO, or do I do that with ROXIO? Then, what do I do with it? I am still getting .mov files burned to the disk, not the folders and files you mention in your post. Also, I downloaded the User Guide, but it is useless. No instructions at all. Thanks again for all your help.......Richard
  2. Dave: Thanks a million. I did not know that, and I will try making an iso first, then burn that to the dvd. I will check the user guide. Thanks again......rh
  3. Hello, and thanks for reading this.... I just purchased NXT 3 and have tried 3 times to burn a dvd for a client. None of the dvd's will play on my tv. I'm using Memorex 'Printable' dvd's that I KNOW work on my tv, I've used them before. I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2014 to create the video, and Encore CC 2014 to make the .mov file. I then load that into NXT 3 and try to burn a dvd. There ate no instructions, so I just guess at what to do, but it all seems to work just fine. It burns a dvd fine, but the dvd only plays on my computer. It will not play on my tv. The Sony blue ray player jsut says "bad disk". Can anyone please tell me if there are basic instructions on the site nor newbees. It's NOT that tivial to use for the first time. Thanks a million.... Richard