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    Clicking Sound In Recording

    O.K. My Bad. I thought that Roxio monitored this forum. In any case, I'm not using any amplification. Audio comes in from an external source. Standard audio patch cabling. Input volume is set to prevent red line/clipping, and that's all there is to it. I'm going to master the audio and burn to CD and play it back on different devices. Maybe the problem is between Roxio and my audio drivers. But, I've never had the problem prior to Roxio 2012. I have other options, I just prefer using the Roxio editor.
  2. Don F

    Clicking Sound In Recording

    I'm having a similar problem. Roxio 2012 audio editor, Dell D430 or Dell D830 (same effect), Windows 7 32 bit, 4 gig memory, Intel core 2 dual, and Sigmatel Audio. Nothing else running except AntiVirus (Microsoft Security Essentials) Every song I record from an external Roland VS-2480 includes a "click" less than 1 second before the music starts. I've never had the problem before, and the only change has been updating from Roxio 10 to Roxio 2012. I can't really edit or remove the click, as it appears to be generated. I've expanded the wave form display (up to 5 or 6 times), looked for a click wave (or any wave form) not directly associated with the music, and I can't really see it. But I can hear it. I've tried deleting things up to the start of the song, but the click seems to remain -- moving closer to the start of the song. I've been using Roxio related software since the early days of CD burners -- going way back to the original EZ CD Creator, updated many times, and never experienced this particular problem. So, I'd really like to hear from Roxio. Not another user on the forum. No offense to anyone is intended, but I think Roxio needs to do a little more work on this than just asking for samples. Appreciate your help on this. If you can't resolve it soon, I'll need to find another product that doesn't generate the click.
  3. Is there an option to only install the audio editor. I have no need for all the other stuff, but really like the audio editor and would like to know if there's a way to get that, and only that installed.
  4. Don F

    Stuttering In Audio

    Appreciate the comments, but, the hardware acceleration and the drivers were not the issue. I had the latest drivers, and never had a problem until installing Roxio Creator 2009. I've worked around the problem. Roxio Creator 2009 does not uninstall Roxio 10. So, I did that. Then I uninstalled Creator 2009. Then I manually removed all registry entries associated with Roxio or Sonic, but I was still having the problem. So, I removed the sound device, and reinstalled. Problem resolved. So, corruption of the driver would seem the most likely culprit. I then reinstalled Creator 2009 and do not seem to have the problem. It is curious that there was no problem until the 1st installation of Creator 2009. Beyond that, I have no idea. This thread should end, unless someone from Sonic/Roxio wants to respond.
  5. Don F

    Stuttering In Audio

    Has anyone had a problem with Audio playback "stuttering" since installing Roxio Creater 2009? I was running Roxio Creator 10 and had not had this problem, but after installing 2009, audio previously recorded and had played correctly, now has this stuttering problem where it sounds like every several seconds, there seems to be missing frames or split seconds of sound that's not playing back. Any help would be appreciated. I'm running Windows XP SP3 with 4gig memory, plenty of disc space, Intel dual core, and Eset for antivirus. Not much special is running when this happens. and it's never happened before installing 2009.