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    How Do I Test A Blu-Ray Before Burning?

    >> control-click on it in the Finder and choose Mount It from the contextual menu. << The nearest thing I had to your description is right-click on the .toast file. > "Open With" > DiskImageMounter. I then get a "container", (the icon looks like a flash drive). Inside, is a BDMV file, and a "Certificate" folder (with empty folders inside). I Double click the BDMV file. When I do this, QuickTime 10.3 automatically launches I then get a pop-up that says "cannot open". ( I also have QuickTime 7 Pro.) After much experimentation I was finally able to view the movie using "Roxio Video Player". However, there seems to be no method of accessing and testing the chapter settings. Checking the menu structure and performance is 99% of the testing requirement. One can actually "see" the movie using QuickTime anyway. As far as I can tell, using there is absolutely no way to check the menu structure without actually burning a Blu-ray disc.
  2. X-27

    How To Stop Dvd Playing At End Of Disc?

    I am making Blu-rays using Toast 12. All of my Blu-rays have menus, (naturally). My movies restart automatically when the movie ends. I have been unable to prevent this.
  3. X-27

    Error -2014 When Capturing From Dv

    To me, the best, most foolproof way to capture DV Video is using iMovie HD 06. iMovie HD 06 is readily available on Amazon as part of iLife 06. Although it can run on Yosemite, (with a workaround). It is best to run OS 10.6.8 > 10.9.5 with iMovie HD 06.
  4. X-27

    How Do I Test A Blu-Ray Before Burning?

    OK, I solved the problem of "Toast Extras menu, "Roxio Video Player" is dimmed out". Once I selected that I wanted to make a Blu-ray disc, this option became selectable. Remember, my goal here is to preview the final result from Toast 12 before burning a Blu-ray. I follow the directions using the link below on Apple discussions. However, when steer "Roxio Video Player" to my ".toast" file, it is dimmed out, and cannot be selected. I'm wondering if, "Roxio Video Player", is looking for some type of file other than the ".toast" file, and what that file type might be, and how I get it. In Toast 12, if I choose, "Save Disk Image" I get a .toast file. Please see the directions from "David" below. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3286196?tstart=0
  5. X-27

    How Do I Test A Blu-Ray Before Burning?

    When I go to the Toast Extras menu, "Roxio Video Player" is dimmed out ! Also, I searched my Mac for "Roxio Video Player". I don't have it. I'm not sure if this matters, I purchased this software on disc, not a download.
  6. X-27

    Need A Little Help With Creating Chapters

    That must be it. It's hard for me to tell which menu styles offer thumbnails and which are all text. Moreover, I found no way to type in any text when I accidentally used the menu style that was text-only. I just got a series of numbers, 1 2 3 etc. How can I tell which menu styles offer the thumbnails? “Cobblestone” will give thumbnails, “Splash” will not. On my most recent project I noticed that when the movie ended it restarted again. Is there a way to have the Blu-ray go back to the main menu when the movie is over ? It's so frustrating not being able to see the results of your work until after the Blu-ray is burned, (unlike iDVD). By the way, I very much appreciate your help. It seems like you do most of the answering on this board.
  7. Need a Little Help with Creating Chapters. Previously, I successfully created a Blu-ray disc from a QuickTime file. I set my chapters to occur every 10 minutes. When the disk is first launched in a Blu-ray player it would show about 8 chapters. Next to each chapter was a still image from the movie showing the beginning of that chapter. However now, I'm working on another project and my chapters don't show any image at all, just a number only. I have no idea what I did previously to have those images next to each chapter number. Suggestions appreciated.
  8. X-27

    Toast 12 Rejects .m4V Video Files

    I often start out with .m4v files also. I open this file using QuickTime 7 Pro, ( $30 from Apple ). I then do some very simple editing, and then save the file. When QuickTime 7 Pro saves the file, it is saved is saved as a .mov file. This conversion happens very fast, 4 or 5 minutes for a two-hour movie. The .mov file goes right into Toast 12 with no fuss. From there I make a Blu-ray disc.
  9. When using iDVD to make DVDs, the standard procedure is to create an image file first. From that image file, one can use Apple's "DVD Player" to give a 100% check out of the disc. If everything works okay, you can then burn the disk using Apple's "disk utilities". The advantage of this is that if you make a mistake, you can discover it prior to wasting a disk. I'm trying to do the same thing with Toast and Blu-rays. If I make a mistake in my Blu-ray authoring, I have worn out my Blu-ray player and wasted a blank Blu-ray disc. Moreover, the great advantage of having a image file is that you can easily make more DVDs when you want to. So, is there a method to create an image file without actually burning a Blu-ray ?
  10. That did it, thanks !!
  11. How can I preview (watch) a ".toast" Blu-ray file without actually burning a Blu-ray disc. I ask this because sometimes mistakes are made, and I am wasting Blu-ray discs. When I use iDVD to make DVDs I can test the ".img" file using Apple's DVD player. I'm after a similar mechanism I can use with ".toast" Blu-ray files. Thanks
  12. I am making a Blu-ray disc with chapters. I have chosen "Spotlights". When I navigate to the Main Menu the time and date is shown (from when the disk was authored) and is shown below the title. I don't want the time and date to appear at all. How do I eliminate the time and date from any menus? I found this: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83708-remove-dvd-burn-date-on-dvd-menu-screen/ But I don't see a way to "click on the text in the Toast window". How do I do this ? My background is iDVD where you have total control over everything. It would appear that Toast 12 does not give options on how many chapters you can have. I can live with this, I'm just confirming. Last item. I noticed that when navigating with my Blu-ray player through chapter choices the up and down arrows don't seem to work properly in all cases. There is a matrix of chapters and pushing the down button causes the chapter to the right to be chosen. In other words in many cases pressing the right button or the down button has the same effect, (moving the selection to the right).
  13. X-27

    Reduced Image Size When Burning Blu-Rays, Why?

    Thank you for helping. It turned out that my source material was mistakenly set to standard definition and 3:4. Changing this to 1080p and 9x16 solved that problem. I have successfully created a Blu-ray disc (with menus, naturally). My current problem is that the main menu contains the date which I do not want. How do I eliminate the date in the main menu ?
  14. I am starting out with a iMovie HD file done in 720p. I then export that file in Full Quality. I end up with a ".mov" file that I can view with QuickTime. It looks good on QuickTime. I then use this ".mov" file and made an Image File using Toast 12.1. I then use Toast 12.1. to burn a Blu-ray disc. However, when I play this disc on my Blu-ray player, the image size is reduced. I have black all four sides. How do I get the image to fill the entire TV screen? Thanks