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    I Need Help Capturing

    Xbox has the Red white yellow cables not the other ones.
  2. Markus21

    I Need Help Capturing

    Picture on tv is perfect nothing on computer.
  3. Markus21

    I Need Help Capturing

    I hooked it up with the cables provided, they were not the red, white, and yellow cables but the Y, Pb, and Pr cables. In to my Xbox 360 slim to a tube TV I can get the recording software up and running on my computer, but when i hit that record button the audio is perfect but the video is not there the best i got was a static grey and black screen. And i am not sure how to find the place on my pc to check my stats on it, all i know is that it is a windows 8 Dell PC. Hope this helps somewhat.
  4. So i just got the regular Capture card for capturing from consoles to PC, i hooked eveything up and installed everything. then i tryed capturing footage, it got the audio but the video was a static (not moving) or just black screen on PC screen. Is it a problem with the cables i used? i already tried the patch and that did not help one bit. please help!