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  3. My current burning program is Cyerlink DVD Suite Deluxe. It must be the problem as it will take photos with limited description under them and then others it highlights and says text is too long (even if it's a real short description). At one time it would take longer descriptions with no problem. Now it's acting up. We contacted Roxio via Chat session and they said we could type up to 250 characters. Does this sound right for the way we're doing descriptions.
  4. I have photos in a folder. Under each thumbnail I try to add a description about the photo, such as name, date, location and who took the photo. In my existing burning program I drop the folder in to burn a data DVD. As the program begins the process a box pops up with as message stating that the text is too long under various photos. I have purchased "Easy CD&DVD burning" to replace my existing software. I am just trying to find out if Roxio limits the amount of description under the photos. Not real computer savvy, so I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for the help.
  5. On another manufacturer's product I am limited to a very small amount of text under a photo. How many characters can be typed under a photo in Easy CD & DVD Burning. Thanks