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    Creating A High Quality Dvd

    Actually I burned a DVD and I must admit that it works better. Thanks for the suggestion d_deweywright!
  2. Giorgio_B

    Creating A High Quality Dvd

    Ok, my mistake. I thought that compression in iDVD was not to mpeg-2. Anyway, quality was not so bad. But I wanted something more, that's why i purchased Toast. So, I created in Toast the same dvd which contains only one file (a quicktime movie .mp4 of 9GB). The video is taken mostly with an iphone, so I know that has nothing to do with high definition. But I wanted that titles, transitions, still images (with some ken burns effects) etc worked well. On the contrary checking the preview with the disk image, the result is pretty much worse than in iDVD. Nothing fluid and smooth: titles, images stuttering. Much more than in iDVD, that I consider not a great software. A settings issue? I customized the encoding using 7.5 mbps average max 8.5. I put a check mark on Half-pel. Did I forget anything? And can you advice me: i have the same file in .mov (15GB). Maybe I have to start from this and not the .mp4. Well, Thank you and sorry about my confusion (and my english, too. Hope everything is clear)
  3. Giorgio_B

    Creating A High Quality Dvd

    Hi, I'm new to Toast. I'm just trying to create a dvd-video suitable for any dvd player with high quality rendition. I realize that if I choose DVD-Video format in Toast 12 the only possible encoding is MPEG-2. If I would like to use MPEG-4 in order to get a higher quality compression, I have to set the format "High Definition DVD". But this format is made only for Blu-Ray players. is it right? So, my question is: how do i get the best possible quality (considering my needs, to watch my dvd on TV)? Any other software (even iDVD) allows MPEG-4 encoding to create a DVD. I'm really confused.