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    Video And Audio Not In Sync

    hey tsantee cheers for the advise - ill have a look at the QT Sync app and see if that fixes it. i tried the medium quality setting but there is frame interlacing and quality is not as good. ideally id like the high quality does anyone know of any other mac application that can be used with the roxio dongle ? or any other way around this issue it would be great to just hit the record button and the video is recorded without having to double handle the footage cheers
  2. hi there i have just purchased Easy VHS to DVD for mac (CD and usb capture dongle ) does anyone know why my audio and video would be out of sync after i save my recording? im recording from a tape played in an 8mm Camera - the tape / camera are PAL is Easy VHS to DVD for mac set to NTSC? is there a way i can record PAL or does anyone have an idea what the issues would be? i have tried this on 2 different macs and i get the same problem. there are some blank parts on the tape in between recordings. does this throw the audio out? is there any way of adjusting the preferences? thanks very much dan