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  1. No, there is no "Input" box in the easy capture window. There was not one in my prior version of Roxio either. Yes my sound car is shown in the capture box. "what you hear" (Creative SBX-Fi) Every thing else woks fine. Speakers loud and clear. I can capture using "Line In" from my turn-table. Audit mixer is fine. Mike records clear as a bell. As far as I can determine, only the capture from sound card does not work. More I know not. Thanks, Bob
  2. Thanks for you help. I am using Creator NXT3 & Creative SBX-Fi I m trying to capture audio from both he internet & from internal sources. None of the options you speak of appear to be present. I cannot find an "input" option. In operation sound level bars do not move & payback is silent. Thanks for your help, but I am sill lost. Bob
  3. Audio editor recognizes sound car but I can not capture audio from sound card. ???