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  1. Well - finally I received a solution from Corel to get my freshly purchased NXT8 to install - and, presumably, it would have worked for NXT3 as well - which was to create a new administrative account - freshly download the program and install it and, guess what? It worked! They must have been keeping this solution a secret to ensure older versions are not installed any longer to ensure they keep being paid! But - the truth is out, now! Thanks for your help in the meantime, Brendon! Brabian
  2. In the meantime I've received exactly the same error trying to install NXT8! Will I never live and learn?? Ian
  3. Looks like I may have to upgrade (and pay yet more money!) after all!
  4. Interestingly, WinZip tells me the .msi file is not a valid archive! There may the problem!
  5. Hi Brendon - and thanks for answering my post! I'm using the original, downloaded "Part 1" and "Part 2" files but, significantly, when I've gone to check out AppData there is no Roxio folder! So, I've used WinZip to extract all of the files and that folder accords, exactly, with yours! However, even knowing where the program is launching from, it still falls over when attempting to read the NXT3.msi file! So, I'm stumped, once more! Brabian
  6. By the way, all of the original files from the previous installation are still on my E: drive - if only I could activate them! Brabian
  7. I know it's an old program suite but I own it and I still want to use it on my (sadly) freshly reinstalled Windows 10 (Home 64-bit) computer. However, every time I try, even after moving the source files to the Desktop or even putting them in the root of the C: drive, I get the following error: Does anyone have any ideas or can someone point me in the direction of a previous solution to this problem, please? Brabian
  8. I recently "upgraded" but I must say that I'm not happy with Sound Editor compared to my old EMC10 version as it seems, to me, to be almost impossible to refine the track splits. I have converted dozens of LPs using EMC10 and getting the track split "just right" was very easy. With NXT3 if I try and move a split - it disappears, re-numbers all of the tracks and means I have to add a new split - try to refine its position, again - it disappears and the cycle starts over! I thought I had contacted Technical Support by "providing feedback" - but that was simply ignored. Apart from re-installing EMC10, does anyone have a possible solution? Frustrated of this parish! Ian