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    Bluray Data Backup Recovery Issues

    Thank you very much! The discs say I have 1.0.5, the issue too is that even when copying off the disc in finder, there is an error with the files, not sure what's causing it. Any ideas why files will result in an error from mac finder? Thank you
  2. richcamp

    Bluray Data Backup Recovery Issues

    In 2011 I used a previous toast version to back up terabytes of data, all important projects and video files. However, I recently bought a drive to restore these bluray data discs too and the Toast Recovery tool will not work. I am constantly getting and error. I'm afraid all the data I backed up is useless now and I will not be able to retrieve this information! I bought a new bluray drive, it works fine with DVDs I burnt directly from mac but every time I do recover and insert disc 1 or ##, there is an error from the Toast recovery software. Any help is truly appreciated! I really need to get this data back! I no longer have my physical copy of Toast I bought back then, does Toast 12 have anything for restoring data that may help? Thank you