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  1. As you can see on this picture I have cables connected to input http://forums.suppor...attach_id=38040 when I connect to output colors and quality looks even worse first attached pic is with default color settings which are showed on second attachment and no there isn't any noticable delay or input lag because it is 480i and I've played like that through S-video with other device for over 2 years yeah it doesn't look great at that resolution but I don't care You have no idea how much I would like if that occured because I connected something not correctly but that really isn't the cause and right away I edit to say no it isn't the cause of setting sharpness to 4 there really isn't much difference
  2. Yeah because it matters where I live when I don't have money yeeeaaaah so I guess see you back in 2 months when I'll have some money to spend on some component cables which are barely available anywhere even I'm my good size city because you can't help me
  3. Unfortunately I don't have anything I could test RGC on but if it was the device fault is there anything I could do to fix it?
  4. It's not about capturing 720p it's about the fact that PS3 is set to 720p(yes I tried with everything selected which is 576p/1080i and 720p and it's the same but I want to use only 720p because most of games doesn't support 1080i) and that's why it looks that bad I record in AVI which is 720x480 this is what comes out Warning! audio is really loud https://www.youtube....h?v=wKj69MlUyvc it looks worse than composite This are the settings I use these are in the thread http://forums.suppor...attach_id=38033 Inside options I have 480p/576p/720p/1080i NTSC_M and for the record I posted this thread in Roxio Game Capture for consoles section I don't know who moved it to HD Pro section
  5. Hi I have a huge problem for me with RGC which is the quality of preview is horrible when console is set on 576p, 720p or 1080i. First of all I didn't expected amazing full hd crystal clear quality but what I get is so weird it's like my PS3 cables are really bad but when I try them on tv it looks crystal clear even though those are cheap cables and it looks on tv great in 720p and 1080i. I tried with official software with SP2 and SP1 separately I also tried it with AmaRecTV and it also looks bad. I tried with AVI with Divx and I was playing around with video settings. The wierd part is it looks great in 576i or standard PAL as it says and it's fine but I already have EzCap with S-video at that's why I bought Roxio GameCap because a lot of games aren't properely displayed in standard PAL so it's like squished or they don't work in 16:9 so what I wanted is just excatly same quality as S-video but the console would be running in 720p that's it but it looks so bad I attatched some picture last one is in default settings. I can assure that there is nothing wrong with my PC specs: Intel Core i5 480M 2,67 GHz Nvidia Geforce GT540m 1GB 3 GB of RAM Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 Bit Than I tried reinstalling and installing software but that didn't helped I tried plugging cables from Component video in to component video out but that's didn't helped I know that there is an issue with Audio cables so I unplugged them and ghosting partially dissapeared but it still looks horrible my setup is that I only have it connected on USB and cables are only from console I don't have TV in my room so I want to play them on PC same way as I played on EzCap but I can't because of the quality There is ghosting it looks fuzzy it's just so bad and I don't know what to do because I bought it used there is no warranty and I just have no money to buy expensive component cables just to test if that would help which I doubt here is recording example in Avi https://www.youtube....h?v=wKj69MlUyvc and here is another with DivX https://www.youtube....h?v=QKYMwFZd4PQ I don't know what to expect maybe I'm missing something maybe there are some improved drivers I really don't know but please help me