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  1. Yutaka

    New Pc No Disc Drive

  2. Yutaka

    New Pc No Disc Drive

    Yes i have a cd key?
  3. Yutaka

    New Pc No Disc Drive

    So can i be linked to a software download?
  4. You have not explained anything you just keep saying i dont meet the requirements when i do lol. You just don't have any answers for me so your doing some damage control by moderating my forums account (Which i paid for upon purchase of my capture card) you are very unprofessional and ive contacted corel support for help with my problem since you cant help. Also at this point i feel im just being harassed by you. At this point im sure the card is busted so hopefully corel does the right thing and sends me a new one or repairs mine. But you would rather blame it on the user correct? You have a god complex you think everyone is an idiot, every post i have read you treat people like they are stupid. Ive done all your magical fix me ups for the card and the problems persists so im assuming thats why you keep going on about me not having the right system requirements, you cant even admit that you were wrong or that the card might just be busted, for god sakes its a 2012 card, technology isn't perfect sometimes it does break without cause you know. Ive also contacted corel on your harassment towards me as well. Weather you approve this post or not doesn't matter cause i only intend for you to see it anyway.
  5. I keep posting all over the board because i need some HELP! It worked fine before you saying there are more to computers than numbers isnt helping, plus if that were the case why would corel even post system requirements if numbers aren't everything as you put it. So it worked fine, now it doesnt work. So you chalk it up to my system not being powerful enough? Then it shouldn't have worked in the first place right? Is there someone from roxio i can talk to? I just want some help every attempt i make at it you seem more interested in either damage control for the product or being right rather then giving me some actual help.
  6. There that is what is happening. Just for reference. MY PC DOES MEET THE MINIMUM REQUIRED SPECS SO PLEASE STOP THIS CHARADE OF SAYING IT DOES NOT. Roxio HD pro requirements: Minimum System Requirements: - Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista SP2, XP (SP3 for 32 bit & SP2 for 64 bit), Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon x2 64 2.0 GHz, 2GB RAM - Dual Core 2.3 GHz above is recommended for 1080 30p/60i recording. - The product is also Windows 8 ready. - DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card or higher, sound card - 2GB free hard drive space for installation. 10+ GB free recommended for video recording. - Windows Media Player 11 or higher - Internet explorer 7 or 8 - Internet connection required for capture, live streaming, registration, product updates and tutorials. Any Internet charges are the user's responsibility - Internet upload speed for Live Streaming: 1.5 Mbps. 2.5 Mbps above is recommended - 720p live stream requires at least 4.5 Mbps internet upload speed. - One available USB 2.0 port My Intel celeron dual core of 2.16ghz on each core is equal if not better then a core 2 duo 1.8ghz, i have 4gb ram to the required 2gb. The card worked perfectly for me for 3 months please stop using this "Oh your system is underpowered" damage control, the proof is on my youtube my first capture was of resident evil revelations 2 that was 3 months ago on my youtube channel. Every video since then had been captured with the roxio. I just want to be able to use this thing again without being out of 100 bucks i spent on it. Also im sorry for "bumping" up a post but it was relevant because what was happening to that CUSTOMER is also happening to me. Hopefully i get help (seeing as how im now being moderated for expressing myself to another user that hes not the only one with the problem). I have turned all my firewalls etc off and run the repair on the disc, it didn't help. I have run chkdsk /r on my c drive, didnt work. I have REFORMATTED MY WHOLE LAPTOP TO FACTORY SETTINGS, didn't work. Any and all suggestions are welcomed if this thread ever sees the light of day.
  7. Yutaka

    Blue Screen Of Death (Again For The 7Th Time!)

    same thing happens to me now to.
  8. Yutaka

    Usb 3.0

    Well ill be posting a video soon maybe someone can help me once they see it.
  9. Yutaka

    Usb 3.0

    Technically speaking what would happen if I used usb 3.0 port instead of usb 2.0 port for rgc?
  10. Yutaka

    I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    Well for 3 months straight it worked just fine. It now works again since I have reinstalled the software also that promt for 2.1 still shows up if you check for updates. Im telling you its that 2.1 fake install thats making peoples rgc crash on windows 8.1 im sure of it.
  11. Yutaka

    Show Us Your Captures

    Captured on my ps3 at 720/60fps Laptop specs: Intel Celeron CPU N2830 2.16GHz 2.16GHz 4Gb Ram Intel HD Graphics (Integrated Garbage) Windows 8.1 64bit I have to say i'm very happy with the quality and performance i've been able to get out of this capture card on a laptop as common as mine, i see people all the time saying they cant get good quality out of it and they usually always have a better pc then me. Heres Megaman X4 since this game does run at 60fps its a good video to take a look at since metal gear solid 4 rarely rises above 30fps (unless your in like a building by yourself with no enemies around lol) Sorry about the horrible commentary i recorded this when i was drunk so i'm basically mumbling =p
  12. since my laptop isnt all that great specs wise ive just been using the roxio software. Ever since 2.0 update streaming to twitch works just fine for me in 480/30fps (720p lags my pc to much when streaming). I cant use a webcam but my turtle beach mic picks up my voice in the stream when set through the settings so thats good enough for me. I was never to keen on people being able to see info my private living space anyways 0.o
  13. Yutaka

    I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    How did it just break? One second its working fine the next it just crashs my pc every time i plug in the usb. Its fine ive removed anything that has to do with roxio software of my pc after i did system restore now im reinstalling it from the disc. Crossing my fingers =\
  14. Yutaka

    I Update 2.1 But It Is Still 2.0

    I had a promt to install 2.1 as well and I did....ever since whnever I try to use the capture software it crashes windows 8.1 to a blue screen. Atm im doing a chkdsk /r on my c drive then im going to do a system restore to see if it goes away. Also if the promt comes up again ill screen cap it. How can this promt find its way into the roxio software upon starting it?!
  15. Yutaka

    60 Fps

    So is it just me or is anyone else capturing 60 fps all of a sudden? All my videos have always been in, 30fps until recently...and i didnt change any settings or nothing. Is this normal? Either way im happy with the sudden change lol.