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  1. ok this is what I know at this point! I took the trouble to hook up my old computer as slow as it is I might point out. I opened the Roxio on it, used the same brand cd, and the same songs. It works flawlessly, so I either figure out what is up with this new system, or take the long way around the barn and hook up the old computer and transfer just the project I wanna do to it. If this ends up being the case I wasted money buying the new software thanks to everyone who tried to help!
  2. Brendon, I described the program in all the detail I have at the beginning of this discussion. Don't know what more I can say about it. As for method I have tried every audio link on the program none of them will produce a readable cd on the car cd player! grandpabruce I have used this same brand with the old Roxio program with no issues whatsoever
  3. I am going to hook up my old computer and burn the same songs on a disc and try it. I bet it will work. Don't know what is up with this new program
  4. Ok I done all that you showed. The cd is a CD-R I have used them before and same brand. The old Roxio on my old computer makes them work just fine. This new one will still not work. I know on the old Roxio you had to select the option whether or not to finalize the disc. It would only work in a CD player if it was finalized. I am not seeing a finalize option on this new version.
  5. thank you sir! I was using the program wrong, I will try it later
  6. I see no option for selecting either audio or mp3 type on the Roxio program I have
  7. has to be #1 because most of the cd's I own are burned rewriteables. Is there any way to remedy this?
  8. I had Roxio easy cd creator on my old computer, no issues at all with it. Recently purchased new computer. Purchased this new Roxio and downloaded it. I have Roxio easy cd & dvd burner! version; I am running windows 7 pro on this new computer. Music cd's burn with no issues, everything appears to work just fine. Only issue is they will not play in my car cd player. It just comes up ERR and ejects the cd. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated