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  1. Sorry I don't have an answer for you much like Roxanne. I purchased and downloaded premier 8 over 2 weeks ago still haven't been able to install it. I have called, emailed for a refund posted a few times in the forum, but to no avail. I did get a quick response from customer service that they could not refund my money however. That I would have to register my product and go online through support first (which I have done at least 10 times) but when I go to login I just get the message that I haven't registered. I guess when I finally am registered that I get to go through another bot (sonja) so that she can give me some help? Whatever!!!!! I am so angry and dissappointed. If I see a solution to your problem anywhere I will quickly reply. frazzled.
  2. error code 03F2. 80030070 Unable to sign the program <cabfile>. (80030070) This error occurs because you did not reserve enough space in your CAB file. Re-create the CAB file using the -s 6144 option to Cabarc.exe. It is not necessary to use the -s switch with the signing tools included with the SDK for Java 2.0x or newer. The Signcode.exe utility now creates the necessary space for the certificate at the time the CAB is signed. How do I fix this? I have had this download for over 2 weeks unable to install this and I really would like my money back, unless a solution is available. I tried all of the tech support through Roxio..... Hmmm
  3. when trying to install roxio recordnow premier 8, I get an error message, error code.03F2 80030070. I cannot seem to get any help talking to Roxanne so I am trying to get help here. I did understand that the code means that I don't have enough space but how do I resolve this? Help.