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    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Causing Blue Screen Of Death

    A few more notes: the crashes seem to happen much more frequently when I'm simultaneously trying to stream the capture out via OBS (OBS doesn't cause the crashes at all unless the Roxio is in use). I also tried to use the "Repair" option by trying to uninstall Roxio altogether, but it tells me that "Roxio Capture HD PRO.msi" is unavailable, and I don't know where it should be.
  2. rosssmiller

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Causing Blue Screen Of Death

    Any other thoughts? Rolling back Windows Updates for the entire system seems a bit ridiculous when it's a problem with one particular application. Also, if it helps, I'm on Windows 10. Any other Windows 10 users having similar problems?
  3. Ever since I installed Microsoft's monthly Windows Updates last month, my Roxio causes my PC to run into Blue Screens of Death every single time I try to use it. Sometimes it takes roughly an hour, but often the full-crash occurs within minutes. Is anybody else experiencing this problem? Any suggestions? I'm reinstalling the software right now, but don't have particularly high hopes.
  4. rosssmiller

    My Own Topic - Split!

    Alright, I fixed the issue. If your preview image is just purple, or transparent to a feed placed behind it, try going to "help" in Roxio and checking for updates. Yes, it's a super-obvious step, but Roxio never prompted me to update or suggested that there might be updates, so I just came across it myself. Download and install SP 2.0, and that will (hopefully) fix the issue. It worked for me, anyway.
  5. rosssmiller

    My Own Topic - Split!

    I'd just like to chime in that I'm having this exact same problem, trying to run a PS4 feed (with HDCP turned off) through Roxio, and then capturing the Preview screen to broadcast through OBS. It sounds like the Roxio-to-OBS situation is the issue, although I didn't have any trouble doing the same thing with my Xbox 360. I'd also like to just get something off my chest here: I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated with this product and Roxio's insistence that it only be used with its own proprietary software. It would be fine if the Roxio software was any good, but it's as bare-bones as it gets. If you actually want to have a Twitch presence and control your broadcast, or even add a webcam feed, it's impossible with the Roxio software alone. Would it be too much to release a device driver that allowed it to be used as a standard video capture? As it is, this device is next to useless for me, and I strongly regret purchasing it.