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  1. Hello everyone this New Zealand user I just have had our reply from The Makers of Roio saying they have Fixed the problem with the label crater which has been a problem over the last two or three versions Brendan will know what I am talking about if you are reading this Brendan I have lost your email address and wondering if you can check to see if the latest version has actually been fixed before trying to purchase it to find out as Brendan will know he did a lot of testing for me in the past year or so and we discovered that above 2010 would not let you untick the box which printed the outline I would appreciate any feedback and can supply a file here is the reply I just got back from roxio Thank you for contacting Corel Technical Support. Hi. In Creator NXT 4 you can print colored labels. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Regards, Johnston Corel Technical Support Services ----------------------- Frustrated user of latest versions
  2. Hello everyone Brendan from New Zealand has been helping me over the years I have been investigating the latest version of NX4 wondering if anyone has discovered if they have resolved the problem when trying to print with this program the problem was that when you change the colour of the background you could not tell the program not to print the outline wondering if this problem has been solved Michelle of Dunedin New Zealand
  3. Hello everyone I am writing to you to thank everyone for their support and is solving different problems over the years but it looks like roxio may not be a program much longer on my computer because of the problems the latest build or should I say the latest for builds have caused Because of what roxio has done with the label maker I may have to move away from roxio and just have to hope I don't need any of my old inserts to be duplicated I would like to especially thank Brendan for all the help he has given me but but it looks like there is no solution to my problem with the label maker because roxio has not fixed this problem I just wish there was other programs out there which could open their files and were a good design programs like roxio Many thanks for all your help everyone Michelle I just wished roxio would listen to us users and make these changes which are needed for me and I'm sure I am not the only person who is wanting these down if roxio is not careful a lot of people will have to move away from their products unfortunately
  4. Thank you Brendan I think I have tracked down a way of contacting roxio to ask them if there is any update of any other program which would run without this problem I've also notified then there was a problem with the versions after 2010 and 2011 I appreciate your time and effort now just have to wait and see what roxio says and if there is a way around this because all I really want to be able to use as the Label Creator. The rest of the program doesn't get used by me except the duplication of DVDs but I can find another program to do that Thank you again for all your time and as I said I have sent information through to roxio about this problem hopefully they will work out what's wrong and rewrite the program to make it work I've also asked them if this latest version they have will be Windows 10 compatible as well as Windows 8.1 thank you again Michelle
  5. Hello Brendan Looking back at the date of purchase I would say early May you help me to work out the problem I know we were sending emails back and forward directly you should have worked forward from my version rather than back it is so hard to find the email address for roxio I've been looking for it for a couple of days I would be quite happy purchasing an older version if that did not have the fault that the latest version had for my purpose which is a course using the label crater without having the tech grade out which printed the outline including the outline for the spine of a DVD if anyone else out there can help with this problem I would appreciate it from what I can see the roxio software is the only software which I am using which is not Windows 10 compatible as I have been trying this out over the last week sorry for all the time Michelle
  6. Hello Brendan Can you remember when you did those tests for me which version of roxio stopped working with the label crater where it had the Grade out from what I'm able to see NX T 2 may be supported for Windows 8 any way and I'm guessing it will be available for windows 10 as a patch do you know if I am correct and if so we can get that version I appreciate your help Michelle
  7. Hello everyone I am trying to track down my friend in Christchurch New Zealand who has help me I'm trying to identify if two versions back may be available and compatible with Windows 10 Michelle
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    Slimline Cases

    Hello again I am talking about DVD slimline cases not CD do some line cases would appreciate any help if this program supports this thank you in advance
  9. New Zealand user

    Slimline Cases

    I am trying to find out if this latest version supports slimline cases my version is roxio 2010 and I cannot see it there I would appreciate any help before purchasing something that may not do the job Michelle