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  1. Hello. Tnx for the fast reply. My O.S. it's Windows XP. I need to import from my mini-dvd in order to editing the video (normally the software divde the film in chapter and i can make cut etc.) If i import only the video file i can see one chapter (24 min.) and i must make the division in chapters. It's too long operation... But normally the software importing by ny camcorder...i don't know why the program says that ther's no cam conncted on my pc where it's almost connected...
  2. Hello. I've bought a Canon Camcorder DC10 two years ago, and included i've found the software for Editing the clips...MyDVD LE for Canon 6.1.4. So...for more than one year all was ok. But unfortunately it's 6 months that for me it's impossible to use this software, in order a great troubleshooting. When i digit on the button "open disc" in order to import the clips on my mini-dvd...appear me this message: "Canon PC Cam it's not connected to the PC"...but the cam it's already connected. I've tried to reinstall the software...but nothing. I've tried to remove the device (the USB cable) and re-installing...but nothing. Please help me because this it the only software that can import and edit my MiniDVD. I'm awaiting reponse..and solutions...I'm desperate!!! Tnx a lot. MARCO
  3. Hi everybody!! I'm a real hard problem with my Camera (Canon DC10) and the video software Sonic MyDvd. Just at this time all works properly...but between few days ago i have this serious problem. When i try to import my own MiniDVD an error message appear..."Canon DVD Cam is not connected to PC" It's very strange because the hardware is perfectely look by my own PC (like all my hardware periferics) and on the screen of my DC10 appear normally the message "Connected to PC". So I've just tried to uninstall and re-install (4-5 times) the software (My Dvd) but...nothing, the error shows again!! So...please, help me because i don't know how make a solution of this problem, and i think that is a software problem but i'm not sur of this... I wait your reply...:-) Thanks in advance. MARCO
  4. Giry

    Real GREAT Problem with MyDVD 6 LE

    Hello Kevjin. Tnx a lot for the help...first of all!! Absolutely it's not a problem of the disc...because i can see normally on my camera...and previously was used for another project and imported regulary the clips!! I've also tried to import directly to MyDVD the VOB files that was created on Temporary Files...but the program crash!! So...i think that there is a software problem...but i don't know anything to do in order to solve this!! There is a patch for this? I've also tried to reinstall the software...but the problem remain!!
  5. I'm a Canon DC10 user. When i buy this one i've had a free copy of MYDVD 6 LE (basic version) in order to edit and burns my MiniDVD. The problem is this. When i make normally my personal project...after 2-3 MiniDVD the next disc during the phase of importing files "crash to desktop". So...for more preciosion: When i press the button "open Disk" the work proceed normally, like the other previous disks, but when the procedure is finished and normally should be appear the mask that inform me the lenght of the clip (and after i press the button import) the program go to CTD!! So...is impossible for me to create a project...because the others disk are good but 1 (or 2) create the same problems...and it's impossible to editing this project. Please...help me...there is a patch for this...can i make something!! Tnx a lot...i'm awaiting yours kindly reponses... MARCO