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    mpeg-2 activation problem - something diff. from others

    Hmmm... I too received the Mpeg2 activation message and the "An error occurred in activating your product, please try again later", when trying to activate it. Your advice worked. Thank you. To anyone else just pay careful attention. The key will not be the CD Key Number that came with the original set-up CD. You need to copy the offline code down, mine was in blue and was above the boxes. Go online, then to the activation site and enter those 25 numbers. Get the key and enter it in the boxes on the offline screen. Kind of confusing, but it worked. Gotta love Roxio. ...and NO I don't have IE 7 installed. Thanks again, Jean.
  2. Miniwheats

    MyDVD Hangs At "Burning Image" Stage

    I checked to see if I had the latest version of DirectX, using dxdiag. I have version 9.0c. My video card driver is up to date. I went back into the file and found a problem at the point of the hangup. There is a small white gap, on the time line, at the point of the problem. The video appears fine (the gap does not show up), but there is no audio from that point on. This file was created using Videowave 9. What I'm doing is recording a football game (Go Bears!) with Window Media Center. I bought Media Creator 9 to convert the files (.dvr-ms) to an editable format. Videowave opens the .dvr-ms file and requires it to be converted to .mpg. You can then edit the file. I am going through the file and using "split" to remove the commercials. I decided to start from scratch, after finding the unknown gap. I opened the source file with Videowave, converted it to .mpg and began to edit it. Upon completing the editing, I decided to save it as Mpeg2. This was done in case it hung up again and I had to use Nero to burn the video. One second into the save, Videowave "hung". I opened Task Manager and it indicated that Videowave was not responding. Go figure... It must have been performing some routine maintenance aka "hanging" on some bad code. I have used Videowave 7 without a problem and would use it again, except I had to remove it to install version 9. I never had the problem with "hanging". I went to copy data files to DVD this morning and Data Disc indicated that a new DVD only had 2.8GBs of space on it. So, I had to use Nero. Believe it or not, I really like Roxio. I'm just frustrated that it is not running smoothly like version 7 did. I am not a computer expert or "guru" by any means, but I don't think this is just in my system. I think the software needs work. I have my fingers crossed.
  3. Miniwheats

    MyDVD Hangs At "Burning Image" Stage

    I too am having a problem with MyDVD "hanging". I'm trying to burn a video of a football game (edited with VideoWave 9) and it "hangs" at 20%. I hit cancel and nothing. I have to go into Task Manager and shut it down. It shows "Not Responding" in Task Manager. I just attempted to burn the production as an image file with the same results, a "hang" at 20%. Maybe the video is bad. My fault for using Roxio to edit it. I currently use an HP Pavilion with AMD 64 dual core and 2GBs of RAM. The video card is an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE. I understand that there are thousands of different setups and it would be impossible to test them all. It is frustrating to spend a fair amount of money on a "complete" package and find it not working properly. I find the "work arounds" to be slightly humorous. You pay $80-$90 for the program and then can't use it the way it's intended to be used. You must find "work arounds". Unfortunately, current software users seems to be used to this process. Microsoft has set a standard of inferior software and it seems to be tolerated throughout all types of software. I'm not saying this software is inferior. It just has that "rushed" feel to it. I had an earlier issue with Media Creator 9 not working well at all. I was not able to use VideoWave. I had to uninstall Creator version 7. I was given the option during installation of version 9, but nothing was said of a conflict if I chose not to remove the earlier version. After uninstalling version 7, VideoWave seems to work fine, but maybe not. If I can't burn a movie... I realize there may be other issues, even some not related to Roxio. I've used Roxio since version 4 and have always had to deal with bugs upon initial release. Roxio has always had a good package. You just have to wait for the patches.