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  1. I will try this but since this is a network computer at my work, I do not have access to turn those features off. I will make a request to IT but it may take a week or more. I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks!
  2. Hi. Let me clarify. My issue is not with opening projects. I have the full version of the software and am able to open existing .JWL files as well as create new ones. My issue is that once I have modified a file (or created a new one) I am not able to save changes. the control-s command does nothing and neither does going to the drop down menu and choosing save or save-as. Nothing happens. The existing file is not updated with the changes I have made nor am I prompted with the save window to choose a file name or a location to save the file in. Once, just once when the software was first installed, did it properly save a .JWL file. Now I can no longer save any modifications to that, or any, .JWL file.
  3. I am using the label make application in Easy CD and DVD (build number 140B49C) and I am not able to save existing files. I can open them and edit them just fine but they will not save. I can try to save-as and no save window will pop up either. I can also create a new file and these will also not save as previously described. All software is up to date and was just installed on an HP windows 7 machine just under a year old. I have tried the software on 2 similar machines and had the same result of not being able to save. I read in another forum that someone had a similar problem with an older version of label creator and that the solution had something to do with their video card driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Matt