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    How To Create An Iso From A Sacd

    There is copy protection as I plonked the disc into the drive, the message prompted it is copy protected. I even tried it with DVD Audio and got the same message.
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    How To Create An Iso From A Sacd

    Hi Brendon and d-deweywright thank you both for the quick response. Ok, I think you both have provided me an answer to my tormented brain cells. Yes, quote "they are not playable on a standard CD player nor in a computer." The cover sticker mentioned that 'Plays Only On SACD Players'. But I saw on youtube that this guy demonstrated on how he was able to extract SACD ISO file to dsf www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QfhDOylzE4. My only issue is that how did he get those 4 files on to his computer? Wrote to him but he never responded. I thought Roxio was capable of doing this trick (LOL). Obviously, it wasn't meant to be that straight forward. Nevermind, at least I have tried.
  3. Hi Brendon, sorry I have to put my problem here cos' I couldn't find "add new forum". This is my first time here. I was reading your threads somewhere that you are also owner of Roxio DE10.3. My issue is I have a SACD (Carole King - Tapestry) which I wanted to play on my Audiogate DS DAC 100. I have about 10 SACDs however there were 2 which I cannot play on my Audiogate dac. It won't read! And that is beside the point. The point I wanted to make is understanding iso file. There were many topics on ISO and half the time I just couldn't understand how does one actually make iso file. Can I create an iso file and save it to my hard drive? Or do I need to use a different software to extract iso file? Can Roxio Creator do this? Hope that it is not confusing you as I don't know where to start from. Thank you,. My apology if I have strayed into a wrong area. Or if anyone reading this can guide me.