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    I-Movie File Problem

    I trying to burn an iMovie formatted in mp4 to a blu ray disc. I usually save the file as a disc image and copy the toast file to the blu ray. The file goes through the entire process of saving as a disc image and when it gets to 100% it says: Couldn't complete the last command because there are too many files open (result code -42). What am I doing wrong?
  2. jerseypabs

    Blu Ray Burning

    You da man tsantee. Followed your directions and took like 12 minutes per disc burn. Thanks again!
  3. jerseypabs

    Blu Ray Burning

    I bought Toast 12 thinking I could burn blu ray from my macbook pro. Find out you need a plug in for more $$ to burn blue rays. Fine. Got the plug in. I imported a iMovie mp4 file on my mac to Toast. Organize the menus screen, which seems a bit unsophisticated. I have been using Nero on my HP for years. It is wonky compared with iMovie editing, but the options for main menu, chapters, is better than Toast. Unless I am missing something from the editing options area? Couple of things: It always says my file is NTSC coded and do I want to change to PALS. I looked it up and its seems i want NTSC since i live in US? Dont know if this is contributing to ultimate burn failure. Which do I choose? It gets through to 100 percent completion, 1-2 hours, and it says "could not record the disc because there are too many files open" I thought this referred to other programs on MY computer open, but have retried burn with a regular def DVD with all programs closed and still no dice. Any suggestions?