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    New To Roxio

    Hi Hope I am posting this in the right section...if not I am sure someone will redirect me I have been trying to find some tutorials/info to help me get started having it purchased it today. Had been using DVD Architect but find it so hard to follow (am not that clever with these things but manage to somehow put DVd's together) however havign got so fed up with DVD Architect my husband bought me this today and to be hon est I find it very similar to DVD Architect its obviously my miondset is not in tune with this kind of software but I deparately need to use it for my passion about a particualr subject and I ut DVD's together for fans to enjoy. I have for example been trying to change the 'buttons' and by a fluke more than anythign suddenly found it but then couldnt chaneg teh Chapter menu button... I then couldnt log in as it wouldnt recognise my email address format so am feeling a bit fraught to say the least? I manage quite well with Vegas and am very capable of using a whole range of other software but am somehow stumped by DVD software... is it my female brain?? Help please!