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  1. I tried Acronis a few times when it was supplied with new drives in ancient days. But mostly, I've used Ghost for years... ever since the dos version for win95/98. My Ghost 15 doesn't work with WIndows 10, so after some investigation, I switched to Macrium Reflect Free. Works great for my purposes... even resembles Ghost in its workflow. And can't beat the price which is free. I probably breezed by any "check for updates" while installing the vhs to dvd program. I sometimes do that. On a last-resort test while the original cd-based install was up, I clicked on the upper left hand "support" tab and then "look for updates". Did it a total of two times until I got the message I was all up to date. My only problem with vhs to dvd is that other than testing it to be sure it captured okay etc, I can't find the time to actually do the transfers of all my home videos from the 80s/90s when my kids were young. I've gotta get on it. The tapes are in a climate controlled storage area, but gheez, I must have a hundred of them
  2. Okay, I figured out what was going on. Primarily... I shouldn't have downloaded anything from the support download area. Instead, I needed to install the program and then use the update tab within the program itself. That proceeded to install two updates to my installed version, with the second update being the same thing that was on the support pages. There was an in-between update I was missing via the way I was trying to do things. So, all is good. The program and interface are working fine with win 10 Pro.
  3. Thanks. No rush. I fired up one of my win7 pro 64bit machines where vhs to dvd3 is installed, plugged in the interface, and as an experiment, ran the Roxio update. Worked fine there.... but of course, the win7 machine doesn't need a win10 compatibility update. Rather than uninstalling vhs to dvd from the win10 machine, I'll just wipe the drive and restore an image of the fresh install from a few days ago pre-Roxio. As I'm in the midst of building ou the win10 configuration and testing programs as I go, it's faster for me to go back to step 1 with the win install. So far, all my win7 programs work great on win10 tests... even some of my ancient win98se based midi programs are just fine. vhs to dvd3 was the first glitch. Although like I say, maybe I don't even need the win10 patch... the program and interface seem to be working fine without the update... on first tests anyway. I did the original cd install using default locations. In fact the locations match on my win10 and win7 computers when I take a look at where the folders are. Don't know why the update can't find things.... such is life with computers.
  4. I've installed easy vhs to dvd 3 quite a few times whenever I wipe my win7 system and do fresh installs. No problem. Okay, so I did a fresh install of windows 10 Pro 64bit on one of my laptops, installed easy vhs to dvd3 from the original cd, plugged in the interface, all came up as normal.. and THEN double clicked on the recent update I downloaded from Roxio that has something to do with win10 compatibility. I double click on the update file on my c drive... program says "can't find easy vhs to dvd 3 installed on this computer". Hmm... so I copied the update INTO the Roxio dir at c:\program files86... double click it there and... same message. I re-downloaded the update.... same thing. What's up with that? For as little as I use the program for transfers nowadays, I'm about to assume that it's just going to work fine on win10 without the update..... whatever the update is. I haven't seen this issue come up via google searching, so I'm inclined to think I'm the only one having it. Any thoughts before I forget trying to get the update to see the program?
  5. I'm going to buy a Pioneer BDR-XD05 for burning bdxl 100gb and 128gb optical disks. Sort of a supplemental backup method to my current backup scheme of using sata hard drives. I don't really watch movies or do activities that NXT4 is aimed for, but I use the older RecordNow and Roxio emails a lot of NXT promos to me. From the NXT pr pages, it seems 50gb is the limit for burning. Is that really it? No bdxl 100gb + ?. I'll probably test 250gb media when it arrives as well. There are a couple of software programs that do bdxl burns, but just checking here first so that I can stay with Roxio products if possible. I'm on Windows 10 Pro as well as Win 7 Pro. No win8, Thanks!
  6. I own vhs to dvd 3 and musiclab premier 10 which has cineplayer too. I'm on win 7 pro 64bit. Since Microsoft is zapping windows media player and center from win 10, I'm trying to figure out if the two Roxio programs above will work on win10. If not, what do I buy? I suppose the vhs to dvd 3 isn't a huge priority. The biggie things I need to do on Win10 pretty much when I get it on July 29 are- click to play music file wav/mp3s when I don't feel like first starting up sound forge (was using mostly windows media player) click to play video mp4 files or a dvd movie I pop in to the computer (was mostly using windows media player and cineplayer) load and save/make image (iso) files for backups of various computer data make emulated drives from time to time for copying standard cd/dvd burning which are mostly data backups I know there are various free 3rd party progs for the stuff above but keeping it all in a Roxio program/bundle would be cool. I can't figure out what the deal is with cineplayer on Roxio's main page. It only shows for vista and xp. But I have it in my recordnow on win7. Little things like that throw me off regarding figuring out what I need. I've also read posts saying it's too early to speculate on Roxio win 10 programs but..... 50 days isn't very far away now.