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  1. Hello there Digital Guru. Are you going to respond to my last post, or do you not have a solution to my issue?
  2. Many thanks Digital Guru. I have recently had an adware intrusion on my computer and this issue started after I removed the adware. Maybe I removed some legitimate registry files in the process? I do think that should I do a system restore, then I will get the adware back. I have not attempted that, but I do have a Repair disc for my operating system, which is Windows 7 Home Premium, but I could not get it to initiate a repair. I do not have an official Windows 7 installation disc as this laptop came with the system installed, so I am not sure how to reinstall the system. Also, the version of Roxio Creator NXT was purchased online so I do not have an install disc for that program. Not sure how to reinstall it? I have recently purchased and received delivery of the upgrade to NXT pro 3. I attempted to install from these discs but got the error: "Attempting to read from the source install database: F:\emc_content160\Roxio Content 15.msi". When I click OK the set up message returns, then the next error message appears: " Attempting to read from the source install database: F:\emc_160\Roxio Creator NXT Pro3.msi". As you can see, I have a major issue here. I feel that it is not the program itself but something inside my computer. I you or anyone can steer me in the right direction to resolve this issue, I would be extremely grateful.
  3. I have been successfully using this programm for some time now but recently I keep getting a runtime error for Video Wave14.exe that requires the runtime to terminate, then Roxio Creator crashes. Any suggestions?????