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    Live Screen Capture

    Hi ibupnorth, Thanks for the information. I have 5.1 surround sound on the new Alienware desktop, and got the same Prepare Record Failure notice. Changed to Stereo, and now works fine. Many thanks. - NorThox
  2. NorThox

    Vidio Capture Ok But No Convert

    Apparently it is not possible to copy/past into these responses. capturing-web-video.pdf
  3. NorThox

    Vidio Capture Ok But No Convert

    Thanks for he information but the vide and instructions both show iTunes in the drop down menu, as was the case with the old version of the program. Hving a problem getin the iPad to transfer the catures, so n further forward.
  4. NorThox

    Vidio Capture Ok But No Convert

    Hi, Thanks for that. I tried to do that but could not get the file into iTunes. I'm looking to put these captures in iTunes, which is shown as automatically appearing in the instruction video. All I get is Files/Folder in the drop down menu.
  5. Just updated all my hardware, so bought Creator Pro3. System is running on Windows 8.1. The capture works great, but now I want to add the guitar lessons from U-Tube onto my iPad. The old Creator program on the old laptop did this no problem, this latest version not so well. Attached are 3 photos: 1. It shows the captured videos installed in the program 2. It shows that the "Preview" operation works well 3. Despite selecting Apple, then iPad, the conversion works but not to the iPad. Where it's sending it to is an unknown. Basically what am I or the software doing wrong. Regards, NorThox