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    Screen Capture

    Hi Brendon and Savoyard. Thanks for the feedback. It's helpful. This is the third time I paid $ for Roxio software and in the past I've been very happy with the software. But this Screen Capture feature is really annoying. As Brendon observed there's no information anywhere on it; it probably was a last minute addition. I left a message at the "Feedback" site. Maybe I'll get a response. I tried to call but there's no way to talk to anyone even though I just bought this software one week ago. I'm surprised by how Roxio treats it's customers.
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    Screen Capture

    I just upgraded to Roxio Creator NXT to NXT3 specifically to do Screen Capture. But the ONLY format Screen Capture on NXT3 allows is wmv. I want to use avi format because the quality is much better. I can always convert it to something of lower quality (and size) later. Does anyone know if there is a work-around solution for this? And does anyone know if NXT3 Pro allows the format to be set to avi? This is a real disappointment because free software on the web records to avi; so I'm shocked that Roxio NXT3 does not.