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    Attention Windows 10 Insider Preview Users

    This topic no longer requires any further discussion as I have discovered a workaround for the issue. Please check here for the updated statement. Moderators, you are free to lock this discussion per the resolution of the issue.
  2. Unfortunately, the Roxio Game Capture Pad software that is a part of the Roxio GameCAP series of video capture devices is currently incompatible with the Windows 10 Insider Preview and will not function as intended, regardless of any settings applied to the software using the Windows Compatibility Mode subsystem. Furthermore, certain versions of third-party game capture utilities such as Xsplit 2.0 or later may permanently default to component input settings - even if you are using HDMI cables - thereby breaking compatibility with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, or any other console that requires an HDCP-compliant input such as HDMI or DVI under federal copyright regulations such as those provided under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). As a workaround for the issue, you will need to reinstall the latest service pack using the downloadable update files by using the patch installer's repair feature. Please note that because the update process requires the use of the Windows TEMP folder cache, you cannot perform the repair directly from Windows Settings or Programs and Features. You MUST redownload the patcher from the Roxio website and run the patch repair process from within the patcher itself. Alternatively, you can simply roll back to Windows 7/8.x in order to restore functionality without requiring a patch repair.
  3. DaeDedderous

    Attention Windows 10 Insider Preview Users

    Well, at least in terms of community support. I mean, this is a PSA to the community on behalf of everyone involved, so I felt that it was a justified response. Hope that clears up my intentions thereof, and sorry for any confusion. I'll edit it out if possible if it makes you feel better. EDIT: I decided instead to reword my response to better explain my intentions. Again, I'm sorry if I misinterpreted anything regarding my initial post as originally written.
  4. This topic is deprecated as it is no longer relevant to the issue. Check here for the latest statement on the issue.