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  1. Success. I was able to convert it to mpg2 and it worked. thank you.
  2. Is mpeg-2 the same as mpg2? Do you know of an easy way to convert...it takes like 6 hours to render a movie at 1 hour length in my Vegas software.
  3. Tanks for responding guys. Just now getting back from work. Sony Vegas Movie Studio doe have capability to burn but I purchased Roxio so I can design a nice DVD with menus and music. I am new to this end of media. Basically all want to do is put nice DVD together that I may sell for my ministry. What format does the video need to be in to accomplish this. I am finding very little information on this on the internet.
  4. I am trying to make my first DVD with Roxio easy CD&DVD burning. I am trying to create a professional looking DVD. When I try to add a movie I get the response add movie operation failed media not editable. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11 to edit my film and create the video in AVCHD 1920X1080-60i output format. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do to make a DVD?
  5. Why can I not add a movie on Roxio MyDVD. I keep getting the message that says not editable