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  1. so i have been trying for the last 4 days to get this device to work. it worked right out of the box but all of a sudden stopped working. i have both of the roxio devices in my device manager and i am using a device that has worked 100 times before. any tips?
  2. followed this guide to a T. still no video signal with everything where it should be.
  3. tried it on my brothers PC. no issues on his end. i am sure the issue just happened to be when i got the upgrade i am just venting because i just bought the upgrade >.<. i guess all i can do is keep uninstalling and trying different ways to install it.
  4. So i have tried s-video and analog. I have tried a vcr, dvd player, a camcorder, a gamecube, and a ps2. This issue started when i upgraded to 3 plus, and i have tried every solution i can find. From clearing everything in my computer to turning off AV and firewalls to manually removing and reinstalling drivers. Literally when i upgraded everything went downhill and i can not even salvage it by downgrading. I have also tried having it plugged into a 2.0 usb header and a 3.0 usb header and still no dice. The program also crashes if i plug in the capture device while it is running. I am at a loss and quite angry that i have spent 70 dollars total on this and it only worked for 2 weeks.