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    My Gamecap Just Never Worked

    Okay I will try that, but this is strange because when I bought it two years ago I installed it on another computer and it didn't work either, so I doubt the problem is in the installation :/
  2. OhLoris

    My Gamecap Just Never Worked

    Yes it is not recognized by the computer for sure since my pc doesn't make any sound when I plug or unplug the usb cable from the RGC. But did the installation from the CD so I don't know how I can do better for the drivers... Maybe the computer don't see the RGC only because the cable isnt ok ?
  3. OhLoris

    My Gamecap Just Never Worked

    Thank you for still being here after these months ! Here is what I understood you wanted, if there is something that I missed please tell me. I hope the french screen for the devices won't bother you.
  4. OhLoris

    My Gamecap Just Never Worked

    Hello there, I had to move into a new home so I forgot all of this, but now I tried again with the HDMI plugged in and it turns that I got neither Transcoder or Roxio Gamecap in my device manager... So my pc just don't get any signal ? That's why I can't get a source from the software ? Is there a hope that it comes from the cable between the Gamecap and the pc ? I think I can get another one...
  5. OhLoris

    My Gamecap Just Never Worked

    Ok thank you, I plug it right now to see what happens (without RGC) and it looks like your first pic so maybe there's an hope, I'll try with HDMI tomorrow. And what about the Wii U ? Should I try or it won't work in any ways?
  6. Hi everybody ! First, my apologies for my english, I'm French! I bought a Roxio GameCap HD Pro two years ago, thinking about capturing xbox360 games. At the same time I bought a RCA capture. When I had trouble with making the GameCap work, I just gave up and used my other option even if it wasn't HD. But now I think that it's pretty a mess to have paid so much for a thing I've never used ! I'd like to make it work. Plus I've god a Wii U and I wonder if it can work on it since it has a HDMI port. I've installed the software, entered my serial number, all connected together, but my pc never recognise a single signal !!! I've tried (for my xbox360) both HDMI and RGB cables, and on two differents computers. I tried changing the setup of the xbox360 but nothing ever changed. I think that it may just be my component on my GameCap which doesn't work, but I wouldn't be able to do anything since I imagine two years is too long to use the waranty. Plus, it's strange since the pink LED on the Roxio logo lights up when I connect it, like if it works well... Does anybody have encountered the same problems ? Or tried with a Wii U ? Some advices so I can finally enjoy my product ? Thanks in advance for your help