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  1. Mr. Ubu

    Videowave Not Starting!

    Hi again, clean install and format wasn't for me (to much work) so a made an in place upgrade of the win7 (eg install win 7 with option to upgrade itself when starting the installation) and now all is working, most important no errors when starting wideowave and all the other programsin the Roxio suite. All settings were retained and the only thing were all the updates and the outdated IE, it took 3 hours in total, no need to reinstall any of my applications ans games Since the re-installation fixed the ntdll-problem, there must be some other way to fix the dll-issue but i haven't found any articles the does it... (i've searched and tried many but none were succesful) This was my solution to the problem and can be recommended to those of you that got stuck and don't want to make a clean install again!
  2. Mr. Ubu

    Videowave Not Starting!

    It doesn't work, i get an error message saying that the "entry point for the DLLRegisterServer not found", there may be some other problem casuing this so i will probably try to reinstall/inplace upgrade my Win7sp1 This seems to be a common problem and since it worked fine with the previous version of Roxio NXT2 (videowave) and crashed after the installation of the NXT3, it must be something with the new version of the program that is wrong Anyone that have some suggestions on how to solve this are welcome to post a reply Regards /U
  3. Mr. Ubu

    Videowave Not Starting!

    I will retry to reinstall Windows 7 Sp1 (inplace upgrade) to fix the ntdll.dll problem. According to some googled articles re-registering is not possible Will get back when done with result, bad or good...
  4. Mr. Ubu

    Videowave Not Starting!

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply ive run the dxdiag and save the info (both 32 and 64bit mode) I hope you can see anything in the files that can be helpful IE 11 and Firefox (35.0.1) browser Windows Media Player 12 Internet connection (20Mbit/s) All the req from Roxio homepage for NXT Pro 3 is fulfilled(as far as i can see) Regards /U DxDiag.txt DxDiag64.txt
  5. Hi, this seems to be my issue as well..., also long time user of the Creator with a lot of upgrades over the years I've tried all "solutions" and still no action with videowave, irritating problem,the only error is seen in event log (Application) where the module ntdll.dll crashes due to software fault with Videowave15.exe I hope to get some useful solutions here but it seems that we may need to contact Tech support instead.
  6. Mr. Ubu

    Videowave Not Starting!

    How can you "explain" this error as a bad download, the install itself works fine but its only some applications that can't run. Most of them seems to be run without anty errors . And yes the install were made with AV an FW off, this must be some other issue since the previous verion of Creator NXT2 worked without any issues Some other ideas? /U
  7. HI, just downloaded NXT Pro 3 and installed (first as upgrade and then as a clean install) and there's startup problems with Videowave and Create DVD applications Nothings happens(on screeen) and the only thing is some errors in the Application event log (see attachment) I found some posts in the Community on uninstall (Revo) and install again but its not working for me. I also checked DirectX install and no errors detected. Windows7 (x64), 8GB Ram, GeForce 550 Ti, driver 350.12 Installed from downloaded media on local harddrive This is very annoying to say the least, what can i do to fix this??!! error.txt