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    CD will not play on computer

    thank you for the help, was starting to get really frustrated The quality does suck, but will do for now. Thanks again.
  2. elkhorn

    CD will not play on computer

    They are a DAT File, says read only.
  3. elkhorn

    CD will not play on computer

    I am using EMC9, did my video in video wave, burned in My DVD Express, burned as a VCD to the CD.
  4. When I save my video to a CD it will not play back on the computer. When the CD opens it has a bunch of files and none will play. I would like them to play in Microsoft Media player.
  5. elkhorn

    CD will not play

    I saved my movie to a CD using VCD, I watched it run through the movie as it is being saved. We I play it in the DVD player it just shows the main background and wont play the movie. Thank you for your help