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    Unable To Capture Audio From Soundcard

    I just downloaded it and installed it. I went through the settings and it seems to be working just like I want. This looks like it's going to do the job for me. Thanks for your help.
  2. Cobrav

    Unable To Capture Audio From Soundcard

    Thanks for the information, grandpabruce. The sales receipt for EMC8 was in with the CDs and it shows 2006. I think I got the computer about a year of so earlier and it came with XP installed. I'm now looking at RecordNow Music Lab 10. I'm not sure if I'm compliant, though. It looks like I meet the system requirements with the exception that I use Firefox instead of IE and my soundcard is built-in (laptop). I will have to use the mic input rather than an input jack on the back of the soundcard. Do you forsee any problems. For the price, I may just download it and take a chance. Chuck
  3. Cobrav

    Unable To Capture Audio From Soundcard

    Well, ya' win some, ya' lose some. When I bought it, Windows XP had just been released. I'll uninstall it and look for a replacement. Chuck
  4. I purchased EMC8 some years ago but only recently installed it when I got a laptop. When I try to capture audio the only option I have under "capture from" is microphone. I can save as WAV, WMA or MP3. I have no selections available under "inputs". According to multiple things I have read on-line I should be able to get input from the soundcard. I have a Dell Inspiron with a dual-core Pentiium and according to Control Panel, the soundcard is Microsoft. The laptop is running Windows 7 Professional. I had no problems when installing the software. I get the same problem using either Easy Audio Capture an RecordNow - Audio. I checked online for program updates with no luck. Previously I was using Adaptec easy CD creator which doesn't have a capture feature so my knowledge is limited. I tried recording using the microphone input but, while the captured file saved had some size, when I played it back there was no sound. I opened the file using Sound Editor and it was just a flat line. This may be a separate problem. Any help you can give will be appreciated. Chuck