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  1. I have already been to that link and followed the instructions, all 10 steps, exactly as they're written and after getting the msg that the install was successful I tried again to install the easy prg and again it failed. I even placed a copy in the folder I made on the HD and tried to run the install from the folder instead of the CD and again it failed. HOWEVER since the problem seemed to be connected to the virtualdrive64_140 install I took a look at the file VD64Inst. When I tried toi run just that file I had an error called "1406. Could not write value to key.". On a hunch I hit the "Ignore" button and the same error msg popped up 2 more times wwith different key values showing and I hit "Ignore" each time and the prg finally finished installing. Now I can copy DVD's which was 1 reason I wanted the prg but another feature I was hoping to use appearently doesn't work. I had used the Windows built-in DVD maker prg and it copied a DVD for me but it didn't finalize the disc so I could play the DVD on my computer BUT I couldn't play it on a DVD player. I had originally bought the easy prg to try and finalize the DVD but when I tried to use the finalize disc feature it didn't work at all which I suspect may have to do with the virtualdrive64_140 file not being installed. So the easy prg sort of works but not fully.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I went and installed the isscrpt.msi package and tried to install the easy program again. Still getting the same response and again I turned off the firewall, turned off the Security essentials, ran as administrator and even recopied the files to a folder on the HD and added the .msi package to that folder and still not getting the easy program to insatall. I've included the latest log file. LogFile 15-05-24 06-37.zip
  3. I can't get this to install. I keep getting a msg about setup being interrurpted. I tried with firewall on and off and the same with Security Essentials. I tried running as Administrator and tried to install from the HD itself. I'm running Win 7 Pro on ASUS MB A88x Pro. I've included the log file. Please help. LogFile 15-05-23 21-08.zip