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  1. 1) Yes it is a deceiving name because you can't make a video DVD without other software. When the product first came out it had a different video encoder and came with a light version of Toast 9 so it could make DVDs easily. They dropped the Toast add on and changed the recording application but didn't change the product name. You can look for different applications that can "author" video DVDs. Corel/Roxio sells one in the App Store called Toast DVD that is cheaper than buying the full version of Toast.


    2) Assuming you used the high quality setting please play the video back to check if the audio remains in sync. Many users say it does not. There is a free app called QTSync that should be able to fix the existing recordings. In the future choose Medium quality which in truth is a high-quality h.264 MPEG 4 format that is very good and has much smaller file sizes. Toast and other DVD authoring applications will automatically encode the 2-hour video to fit a standard DVD disc so don't worry about the original file size.


    Tsantee - thank you so much for your response.


    1) I will look into purchasing Toast DVD in the App Store. The $19.99 cost is at least reasonable, although I'm a bit disappointed that the "VHS to DVD" name is so deceiving. Is Toast DVD the "best" DVD burner available or are there any other ones out there (free?) that you would recommend?


    2) For the first few videos that I transferred, I selected high quality and noticed that the audio was not in sync. For subsequent videos, I have used medium quality and have not had any issues with the audio. The files for medium quality still seem very large - for instance, I have one video of 2:03 time at 10.05 GB - in general, it seems to be using around 5 GB of space for every 1 hour of film. Is this normal? Good to know that the video size is automatically encoded to fit a standard DVD.


    Thanks again for your response. If anyone else has input, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. I too just bought the product this weekend. After briefly encountering this same "no audio" problem, I figured it out. Simply put, whenever you are starting the program, the Roxio wires need to be assembled one by one. First, put the USB portion into your computer. Next, put the micro-USB adapter in. Afterwards, take your RCA cables and plug them into the assembly. Finally, plug them into the appropriate outputs on your VHS or camcorder. As previous poster "tainters" said, if you assemble the wires in a different order, the audio levels are set to mute by default. Hope this helps!

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  3. Hello,


    I just purchased Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD for MAC with the hopes of transferring homemade VHS tapes into DVDs.


    So far, I have successfully copied the VHS tape onto my Macbook Pro computer and have the files saved on my computer as .mov files.


    Unfortunately, I am having difficulties burning these .mov files onto DVDs. My questions are as follows:


    1) The "Easy VHS to DVD for MAC" seems a little deceiving, in that after browsing the forums a bit, it doesn't seem as if the software comes with direct DVD burning capability. Is it necessary to purchase another DVD burning program (such as Toast?) or is there a way to do this for free? (I had thought Toast was included in my original purchase, but I guess not…)


    2) I plan on burning onto standard DVD + R (Memorex and/or Sony) DVDs with the standard 4.7 GB & 120 min. The .mov files that I now have saved from the original VHS tapes onto my Macbook Pro computer are rather large in size (2 hours of film, yet ~10 GB after using Roxio's product). Why so large? Will this be a problem when it comes to fitting the film on the standard sized DVD?


    Thank you in advance for any and all help - I really appreciate it!