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  1. I should have added that I can mostly run the program. This pop-up window shows up every few minutes and I hit "Cancel" a few times until it's gone - for a few more minutes. I managed to create a DVD from movie clips I made from a trip, with slide show, background music, etc. In short, the program seems to work - except that it believes it need to install more software that it cannot find.
  2. Digital Guru, Thanks for the suggestion, but it found nothing wrong with the installation. In fact, the installation went smoothly. I even tried using the "Repair" option to see whether it would fix it but it didn't help. It's almost like the installation script is assuming the installation was done from a DVD and it's looking for the DVD to install additional software but can't find the DVD. Any other suggestions?
  3. Hello, I just purchased the downloadable Roxio NXT 3 and installed it on my Windows 8.1 computer. When I try to use it I get the pop-up that says: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable... Enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'Roxio Creator XT 3.msi' in the box below. How can I overcome this problem? Thanks.