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  1. Can no longer print photos with Creator 4, I did a number of them a week ago. I tested my printer with two other software programs with no problem. I tried the "repair" option, no luck. I finally removed Creator NXT 4 Pro, reinstalled it and still cannot print. Checked my printer's cue and it shows nothing. Would performing a "refresh" (Windows 8) be of any use? I hate to have to go back and reinstall all of my software but starting to get a little desperate. T.I.A.
  2. I feel there has to be a simple solution I am overlooking but I am drawing a blank. Some of the photos that I have taken (all with the same camera) look blurred when I print them in the larger 8 x 10 format vs the 5 x 7. Is there some type of an adjustment I need to make to the photo before printing. FWIW, the ones where I have done multiple enhancements to seem to be the most vulnerable. Here is an example of one that looks great in the smaller format but terrible in the larger. Thanks in advance, Tom
  3. Thanks Digital Guru! Looks like it's time for new software.
  4. Videowave use to crash for me when attempting to add music, discovered by deleting Smart Sound the problem was fixed. New problem is when starting a new project I click to add photos/videos and I get the dreaded "Videowave has stopped working." I've tried the compatibility (windows) option with no luck. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio 2012 with no luck and now I'm out of ideas. FWIW, this was not a problem on my old laptops (Windows Vista and Windows 7,) however I now have a new laptop that HAD windows 8 (nightmare) and I opted for the Windows 10 (free upgrade.) I discovered I can drag-and-drop but that is very tedious when working on a project of any size. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!