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  1. I lost my roxio game cap software cd but I still have my product key! Is it possible to download the software! HELP!
  2. kasra2002

    Roxio Is Not Working

    it says im not permitted to upload this kind of file.
  3. kasra2002

    Roxio Is Not Working

    it works the same! and ive tried all the usb ports on my computer even the USB 3.0
  4. kasra2002

    Roxio Is Not Working

    Okay so i started the install but it didnt show the repair option all it did was reinstall it!
  5. kasra2002

    Roxio Is Not Working

    Whenever I put in the disc all it does is want to install there is no repair option
  6. kasra2002

    Roxio Is Not Working

    Im running Windows 8.1 64bit. I have a Intel Core i5-4460 CPU 3.20GHz. I have 12gb of RAM. I have the Dell XPS 8700 Desktop. Here is the link to my computer! http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-xps-desktop-intel-core-i5-12gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-black/5858042.p?id=1219165147753&skuId=5858042
  7. kasra2002

    Roxio Is Not Working

    Can anyone help me out with my problem? My roxio will never work! Everytime I launch roxio game cap software it either makes my computer restart or the roxio game capture device keeps diconnecting and reconnecting! PLZ PLZ Help! I have a HD PRO