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  1. mp4. i convert it to .wmv and then select add movie file, i select the video i want to add and it tells me "can not edit video file and it has not been added to project"
  2. i keep getting an error message saying that the video file i am trying to add can not be edited and there for won't be added to the project. i don't wanna edit the video i just wanna burn it to a dvd so i can watch it on my tv! how do i fix this?
  3. can this program burn mp4 format video files to a dvd & the dvd will play in dvd players? and can this program allow you to create/customize your own menus? I've been searching for months for a program to do these things. Bought 2 and got "took" because in the end they wouldn't burn anything to a dvd disc; luckily I was able to get my money back. but before I spend any more money I need to know this program will do what I want.