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    Distortion On Top Of Playback On Pc

    I would agree with the return or exchange option if I wasn't having the same issue with the Diamond product too. The problem is identical indicating that the issue is more about compatibility than functionality. I've changed out the cables for higher quality home theatre cables so those are ruled out as contributing. I've got access to a number of different platforms, so I think I'll install this software on a different PC and see if it does the same thing. I'll try to let you know the results. Onward and upward, right?
  2. T_Wayne

    Distortion On Top Of Playback On Pc

    I'm getting the distortion band regardless of whether I'm transporting the signal via S-video or composite. I would rather correct the S-video input since it provides a more vivid picture. So, do you think an S-video amplifier would provide the same function as the DVD recorder in scrubbing the signal? They're certainly cheaper than DVD recorders.
  3. T_Wayne

    Distortion On Top Of Playback On Pc

    Did anyone find a solution to this issue of the distortion line at the bottom of the EVD3 screen? I saw another thread where someone placed a DVD player or recorder between the VHS source and the PC. Obviously in that case, the DVD unit was filtering the distortion out of the signal. But, that shouldn't be a requirement to get Roxio's software to perform better. I also had the same problem with the Diamond VHS to DVD product. I've tested 3 video sources including VHS and Hi-8 machines along with multiple tapes, tracking adjustments, and different USB ports. Tomorrow I will purchase new cables although my Hi-8 player required me to use a different connection cable with the same results. Before I invest in the Honestech product, I'd like to know if there's something I'm missing other than the purchase price of the two products.