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  1. Thank-you.


    I found this Composite to HDMI converter on Amazon:




    Would you expect a significant loss of quality going from the DV Camera through the composite cables and HDMI converter then Roxio into the PC?


  2. Hi - just purchased a Roxio GameCap HD Pro as an interface to transfer video from DV cassettes to my PC.


    I have attached the an AV male into the DV Camera's female AV jack - the other end of the cable has a typical yellow, white and red composite cable set which I attached to the Roxio GameCap.


    I then used the cable that came with the GameCap to attach to a USB port on my PC.


    While I was able to pick up a signal when I played the tape on my DV Camera the footage comes through as black and white on the PC and also seems to be of a lower quality (lack of colour aside).


    I ruled out an issue with the DV Camera or AV/Composite cables as when I use the same cables to view the video play from the DV Camera on my TV (plugging into the red/white/yellow females on the TV) there is no issue with lack of colour or video quality.


    Any thoughts of what may be causing this?


    Thanks in advance.