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    Toast 10 Blu Ray Plug-In For Older Mac

    Thanks Tsantee. I'm new to blu-ray and learing. Seems like I need to purchase a burner anyway, I thought I might get away without doing that. And getting one for the air is a good suggestion so I can use it for other purposes. Nice car, by the way.
  2. yatusabes

    Toast 10 Blu Ray Plug-In For Older Mac

    I have an older Mac G5 which I use for editing on FCP6. It runs on 10.5, which is as high as it will go. I have a Toast 10 Titanium and want to add a blu ray plug-in since I'm shooting on a Canon 5D which looks pretty good until I burn DVDs. I have the plug-in but I can't buy a key for it. Roxio doesn't sell it any more. I can't run the new Toast 12 on the G5 system. My new computer is an Mac Air on Yosemite with no dvd player so I can't burn discs on it. Any ideas other than buying a DVD burner for the Air? Thanks Alfredo